Just look at the frickin’ camera Niall!

Long ago back in January 2011 we spent our first whole day with One Direction for their Sugar cover shoot. It was magical.

We looked through mags with Niall Horan playing hot or not, Harry Styles showed us his juggling skills, Louis Tomlinson spent the day with massive pegs clipped to his T shirt, Zayn Malik ate birthday cake, and Liam Payne made us chuckle with all his dad jokes. Ahhh the memories.

Aside from perving over the boys and trying to get Niall  and Louis to show us their bums (we accidentally recorded it on our dictaphone, massive cringe), we did actually do some work. No really.

Take a look at this video of the boys pulling some stupid poses for the camera. They’re all very intent on lifting Nialler up, almost as much as Niall is intent on not looking at the bloody camera.


See, we weren’t lying when we said it was magical.