So we all know hard-boiled hottie Justin Bieber's all about that #THUGLIFE these days, don't we? Whether he's being all swaggy on a Segway, scrawling stuff over walls Zayn Malik stylee or making actual Anne Frank an honourary Belieber, he's known for getting himself in trouble left, right and ruddy centre.

Well now - after reportedly pelting his neighbour's house in California with eggs t'other day - it seems el Biebo could be facing charges of felony (serious crime, basically) and even find himself DEPORTED. Devvo'd.

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After being let off lightly with battery charge (not the 'I'm on 3 percent AGH' phone type) last October, police are apparently investigating JB's latest EGG ATTACK...and it's no yolk. According to TMZ, two detectives have met with the owner of said egged house - and the fact they've got it all on tape means they've got a strong case.

APPAZ damage greater that $400 is considered felony vandalism, and you're talking tens of thousands for the Venetian plaster Biebs is said to have ruined. Oops.

So there you go. What d'ya reckon? Will Justin be deported or is it all a bit eggstreme? Comments please...

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