Before everyone got a bit carried away with the fact he's not exactly the best behaved of the bunch, Justin Bieber used to do this thing where he'd sing songs and be a popstar and stuff. It was a simpler time, a happier time and we look back on it with many a fondue-based memory.

But HANG ON A FRICKIN' MINUTE - what's this? It's only el Biebo giving a surprise performance at the SXSW festival, and there's not a policeman, a mugshot or an egg in sight. Hooray.

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Yup - JB had a bit of a spontaneous sing-song of As Long As You Love Me at Banger's Sausage House & Beer Garden (best place ever?) in Austin, Texas. Oh, and everyone reckons it was 'dedicated' to Selena Gomez 'cause he said "this next song goes out to my baby" and 'gazed romantically' in her direction.

Unless there's something else he didn't tell us and he was dedicating it to his actual baby. That'd be a spanner in the works, wouldn't it?

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Check out someone's Instavid of the whole thing below - 'cause 15 seconds is better than nothing, right?

And here's the bit where he introduces the track for his 'baby' Selena (supposedly, maybe, potentially).



What d'ya reckon? Loving el Biebo's spontaneous performance? Comments please...

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