Remember the other day when some trolls were accidentally calling Liam Payne 'fat' instead of 'fit' and we both wet ourselves laughing and starting wielding our own weapons? Oh, and how we got over the whole thing by perving over Liam's naked torso looking mighty fine on a balcony?

WELL. Do we have some good news for you, because The Paynis has been getting his perfection of a torso and big balls out again to prove the #haterz wrong and shoot some hoops. HURRAH FOR OUR PERVING EYES.

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Even better, Harry Styles has been getting his balls out in a similar fashion for a spot of football. We blame Niall and his tennis balls for all this Or maybe Louis and Zayn's footballing habits. EXHIBIT A:

Liam Payne basketball - images -

OHHAI. Not sure whether El Payno is concentrating REALLY hard, or has just whacked his ball into his, er, balls.

Donning his black sknnies, some brown desert boots, some designer boxers and not a lot else (THANKS BABE), Liam decided to shoot his balls around before 1D took to the stage in New Jersey for their Where We Are tour, and look bloody glorious doing it.

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Liam Payne basketball - Images -

Here he is practising the ancient basketball technique commonly known as 'The Ape.' Complete with slightly monkey-like facial expression. And a wonderful back. Wonder if he practises this one round the house with Sophia.

Liam Payne basketball - images -

Concentration 201.

Bouncing your balls takes focus, alright?

Liam Payne basketball - images -


Gurl look at that bod-y. Abs AHOY. AND THOSE ARMS HELLO THERE. We'd like them to pick us up and bounce us around sometime OKAY.

Liam Payne basketball - images -

Laugh in that adorable way you do all you want sweetheart - you've ruined our ovaries, and there's only one way to fix 'em. GIV'US A SNOG.

Ahem. As IF that wasn't enough One Direction ball-related excitement for one day, Harold got in on the action with a game of American Football at the Gillette Stadium. Awooga.

You know the boy means business when the man bun comes back in our life. We missed you, bun of dreams.

Here he is looking a big sad and confused, probably about the shape of his ball. Don't cry babes, it's normal:

We are quite literally lying on the cold, hard, slightly damp (from our tears. And the rain) ground after all this. SEND HELP.

What are you sayin' on all this ball action then? Wanna get involved? Comments please...

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