Word on the beauty street says that freckles are officially a BIG NEW BEAUTY THING. Meaning that if you're a natural born freckler you can fully say au-revoir to the high coverage foundation, 'cuz eau-naturel is like, totally in.

Celebs have already been jumping on the trend, with Binky Felstead, Sienna Miller and Emma Stone embracing their beauty spots and going all summer-time freckley on us. We laaav it.

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Binks shared this pic via instagram of her 60's chic look, where she looks a liiiiittle more freckly than we're used to seeing her. We kinda wondered whether she drew them on, and there's a chance she might have done because Topshop have only gone and launched a DIY freckle pencil... SAY WHUT?

Yup, Topper's Freckle Pencil, £5, means even if you're not born with freckles, you can literally draw them on to create a sunkissed look. It's basically like an eye liner pencil (for your face) and is made up of two different marbled colours so that your freckles look super natural: CLEVER. We think it's prrrretty darn fabulous tbh.

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So whether you're a natural freckle face, or want to add a few more beauty spots here and there - Topshop totally have the answer. And we love Binky's freckly look. What do you think? Tell us your thoughts in the comments box below. Thaaanks.

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