For every great pap picture taken of a celeb looking utterly glam, there's a candid shot of them looking like the back end of a bus - guess which ones we love the most?! Here are a collection of our favourite nasties from the past few months starting with Ed Westwick chewing on a big piece of burger, yum!

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Stephanie's Big Brother does her best gremlin impression

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Here is Jade Goody at the launch of her new fragrance end of July 2008 - doesn't she look happy about it?!



Lily looking lovely on holiday. Can't blame her for being bored of the paps.


Harry the chimp! Bless him for entertaining his new friend though


Miley has either sucked on lemons or she's spotted someone's dad dancing in the audience!


Believe it or not, these minging feet belong to La Moss - proving that even supermodels skip pedicures!

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