We're not going to lie to you Sugarscapers, we're literally being held down by our colleagues at our desk. Otherwise we'd be running round the building screaming with excitement about Taylor Swift. 

And that would be weird, not least because the suits in the office above ours already think we're too loud and silly.

Anyway, it seems a lot of you agree with us, because she's entered the charts at number two, which is pretty damn impressive for a first single.

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If you haven't heard Love Story yet, you can watch it here.

Isn't it great?  Sigh.

Anyway, to celebrate, we've gathered our favourite cover versions of some of her other songs (she's been out in America for aaaaages) from YouTube.

First up is a great tune, White Horse sung by a very talented young lady (can't believe we just said 'young lady', we sound like our mum).


Then check out this version of Our Song. We mainly wanted to include this one because of the CUTENESS of the dog sat behind her.


Then finally, is Should've Said No by young Savannah who we had in our HSM covers last week!  We can't help it, she just keeps impressing us.


So let us know what you think.  Are you loving Taylor?  Do any of this lot do her songs as well as she does?



What do you think?