The new issue of Sugar is out November 4.(It was supposed to be Oct 31 but there’s been a mix up) We haven't been this excited about an issue since, well, the last one.

But seriously, the day we got to hang out with the legend that is Leona Lewis (alliteration) might actually rate as our best ever.  Not only is she lovely and very nice to look at (see below), but she's also WELL funny!  No, REALLY.

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And just because we can't get enough of the luscious London-loving Leona (we're trying to get as many 'L's into this story as possible), so we've got a web exclusive quickfire of 'lasts' for you.  Mainly because 'lasts' is yet another 'L'.

Sugar: What was the last text you sent?

Leona: It was to my cousin. She's like my sister and about to have a baby!  I was supposed to be seeing her tonight, but she's too tired - boring!"

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S: Last scare?

L: OMG, there was this massive spider by the door last night and I couldn't escape.  So I had to sit in my room watching it for hours, waiting for someone to come home and rescue me.

S: Last celeb crush?

L: I fancy Jake Gyllenhaal. He's hot, and I like tall, rugged guys.

S: Last bruise?

L: I slammed my finger in a car door the other day. That hurt. And I have this paper cut that's really painful. With bigger cuts at least you know it's there and you can be careful with it.  Ow.

Last celeb you saw?

L: I saw Jordin Sparks the other day. She's so pretty! There are lots of rumours of a duet with us, but it's not going to happen - sorry!

There now, that was exciting wasn't it?  If you haven't already, make sure you pick up a copy of this month's Sugar on November 4 (it was supposed to be Oct 31 but but there’s been a mix up) for the exclusive interview- trust us, it's AMAZING.  Then get back in here and tell us what you think.  Please?

PS. Loop, length, let, late, er, lart?  Is that a real word?  Still counts.

What do you think?