We like fun. A lot. Not only because they call themselves fun. with a small ‘f’ and a full stop, which in itself is fun (we like breaking the rules of grammar…this makes us not fun), but their single All The Pretty Girls is for sure going to be our tune of the summer.

The band is from New York and consists of Nate, Andrew and Jack whose inspirations range from Broadway to The Beach Boys, cool!

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Check out their vid for All The Pretty Girls…

How amazingly cool and summery was that?! And oh so much fun. It doesn’t have the same impact when we use it as the end of a sentence.

If you liked the song then it’s out on May 31st and their album Aim and Ignite is out June 7th. For more fun. info go to www.myspace.com/fun.

So Scapers what do you think of fun.? Are they your cup of cocoa? Comments please!

What do you think?