Take a look at The Saturdays' Vanessa White. Chic, sleek, and effortlessly stylish, there's no doubting she's part of Britain's best-loved girl band.

But she wasn't always so impossibly cool. In fact, once upon a time she had the rather embarrassing job of fronting a Cheestrings advert.

It's a skeleton Vanessa thought was well hidden at the back of her closet, that is until bandmate Rochelle Wiseman dragged it out and posted a link to the video on Twitter. Haha, nice one Roch!

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Check out the video here:

Now we're not sure what poor Vanessa did to deserve this very public outing, but we've got a sneaking suspicion The Saturdays are pretty keen on playing the odd practical joke or two. We can't wait to see how Vanessa gets her revenge...

Was it mean of Rochelle to tell the world about Vanessa's Cheestring advert, or was it just a bit of good-hearted fun?

Comments please!

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