Everyone knows a girl whose cool factor is cranked up so high they are just a teensy bit on the scary side. We have to admit that before we came face-to-face with Gossip Girl’s ‘don’t-mess-with-me-or-I’ll-give-you-death-stares’ star Taylor Momsen we were totally expecting her to be a major diva. But y’know what? We were SO wrong. Of course she has edginess and attitude by the bucketload, but she’s also sweet, girlie and very adorable too. If you don’t believe us, read it for yourself in our exclusive interview in your totally cool (but so not in a scary way) issue of Sugar.

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You see, we’ve not just been busy bagging amazing exclusives with your favourite stars from around the planet. Oh no. We’ve also brought you jaw-dropping, emotional real life stories, the kind of straight-talking advice you couldn’t get anywhere else and enough hot boys to require you wear a bib whilst reading, to catch the drool.

And of course no issue of Sugar would be complete without your free copy of LadMag (complete with some dangerously scorching photos of Joe McElderry’s new look).

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Still not enough? How about we throw in an amazing free gift too? Will a complete sparkly eye kit with not one, not two but five amazing products to make you look instantly party-perfect do the trick? Thought so.

We’re not showing off when we say that the latest issue of Sugar will enhance your life in ways you didn’t think possible. Basically, you need it in your life RIGHT AWAY.

The new issue of Sugar is on sale Wednesday 25 August.

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