We meet famous type people a lot, but we have to admit that the ones who generally leave us jaw-on-the-floor star struck are the ones who we¹re only used to seeing in our telly boxes every day. We find it impossible to wrap our brains around the fact that our favourite soaps aren't actually real (what do you mean Walford East isn't a real tube stop? Why can¹t really I book a manicure at Evissa?)

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Enter one of our all time favourite people from Soapland ­ Theresa McQueen. Usually tottering around the streets of Hollyoaks all back-combed hair and smelling slightly of biscuits after her latest fake-tan. But actress Jorgie Porter is way cooler than her on screen alter ego. And she's one of the teeny tiniest celebs we've ever clapped eyes on (shorter than Dappy NDubz. Fact). Read all about her first kiss, first love and the first time she did 'it' in the brand, spanking new issue of Sugar.

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As well as amazing celeb interviews (yeah we've been chatting to Zac Efron, McFly and Fugative. What of it?) we've also crammed in so many gripping real life stories, need-to-know mate advice and 'ooh-that's-so-spot-on-it's-freaky' quizzes that you¹ll have a hard time keeping the pages shut.

And if you've been hating on your winter wardrobe and need some serious style inspiration ­ march straight to our amazing military fashion shoot with plenty of bags, boots and blazers to get you kitted up for the rest of the year.

So make sure you don't miss the awesome new issue of Sugar on sale Wednesday 29 September. That¹s an order.

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