After more anticipation than Christmas, the new Twilight film or EVEN Posh’s latest hairdo, the brand new Sugar has finally been unveiled. AND WE’VE GOT BIGGER! Yup, now there is even more of us to love. But before you eyeball us suspiciously and say, “You’ve changed”, check out some of the amazing treats we have for you inside…

We’ve never made any secret of the fact that we’re huge Paramore fans here at Sugar. So when their feisty front lady, Hayley Williams invited us to hang with her in hometown of Franklin, Tennessee we hopped on a plane faster than you can say “Any chance of an upgrade?”

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Not one to hold back, Hayley told us all about how she was bullied at school, <that> awkward band fallout and how the hell you wrap your brain around being an international star when you’re just 16 years old. We even met her granddad. Now if that doesn’t make us BFFs, we don’t know what does…

Sticking with the red (head) team, we've also been hanging out on the set of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows with none other than Rupert Grint (aka Harry's BFF Ron Weasley). Not only did he help us when we had to scrape our jaws off the floor at all the amazing stuff you can find behind the scenes at HP Headquarters (honestly, it's shocking we noticed ANYTHING we were gawping at the Rupster so much. He is HOT), he also revealed his secret obsession to us. Read our chat with him to find out what it is.

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Not enough fit lad action for you? How about a gorgeous poster of The X Factor's One Direction? Although we have to admit we've spent so much time practising our new Mrs Harry Styles signature we nearly forgot to finish the rest of the issue...

Luckily we did, and it's packed with great new stuff (you'll heart our new Tranding section with EVERYTHING you need to know to be, er, in the know) plus all your favourite bits we know you can't live without. And if that doesn't have you grabbing your purse and tracking down your nearest Sugar retailer before you've even had time to put your coat on, then how about some blimmin' awesome free gifts thrown in too? First up we're giving you an Eclipse preview dvd with brilliant behind the scenes goss you WON'T find anywhere else. Yep, ACTUAL unseen RPatz. Plus you can also nab a fab read in the shape of Sophie McKanzie's The Medusa Project: The Set Up.

We know. And it's not even Christmas yet.

When you've finished soaking up all that amazingness, please get in touch and tell us what you think!

The new issue of Sugar is on sale now. On your marks, get ready... GO!

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