Fancy a rummage round Danny’s bedroom? Or intruding on Tom writing a song? How about meeting McFly in person, bagging the best seats at their concerts or connecting with fans of the band from all over the world? Then sign up to Super City. Here's the trailer for their new world...

You can win a year's subscription to Super City. All you have to do is follow us (@sugarscape) on Twitter and tweet #scapelovesupercity - we'll pick winners at random Wednesday 24 November. Easy as that!

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The site is so cool. A subscription to the site cost £6 per month or £40 for the whole year. For that you get content on a daily basis. All citizens receive McFly’s new album, Above The Noise, on 1st November two weeks ahead of the release date, plus monthly content that will include acoustic songs, concert performances and exclusive covers. The site has a Super Community so fans can interact with each other chatter and a table where fans can post their own artwork or videos and a room from which McFly can video chat. What are you waiting for?

You know what to do. Enter now!

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Super City is at

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