We love a cheeky pop song here at Sugarscape - you might have guessed. What we love even more than a cheeky pop song is an even cheekier SNEAK PEEK at a fab new act that we already know we're going to love next year. Allow us to introduce to you then, Parade. *clears throat. Attractively. Not like those weird people do on the train.*

They are, left to right;

Emily Biggs, 20. She's got a house in Devon - and might drink cider from a lemon. We haven't asked her. She does enjoy spaghetti hoops and salt and vinegar crisps though, which are two of our favourite things. Well done Emily.

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Next up is Bianca Claxton, also 20. How nice. She likes Bon Jovi though...hmmm. We'll forgive her. This time.

Sitting on the stool is Jessica Agombar from East Laaaandaan. She's got a lovely cock-er-ney voice and would like to have a party with Sean(a) Paul(a), Dizzee Rascal, Kim Kardashian and The Queen! That is one Come Dine With Me we would definitely be recording.

Sian Charlesworth is up next. She's 23 (hmm, this is beginning to sound like the introductions on Blind Date. But we liked that show so will carry on regardless) and from Oop North. She hates Marmite. Do you agree?

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Then last but still lovely is Lauren Deegan, 21 from Liverpool. If she ran the country she would paint it red (expensive trip to B&Q there love..) and she's always wanted to be a ballerina. Better make do with being in an awesome pop band instead then hey? Tough break.

'This is all very well.' we hear you cry, 'but what the frig do they actually sound like?'

Ooh we're glad you asked, as we happen to have a clip of their forthcoming single just here, so why don't you check them out for yourselves and tell us what you reckon.

Are they a HIT or are they a MISS?

They've also been on a whistlestop tour of UK schools, and if you click onto their YouTube channel HERE, you can laugh at all the awkward dance movements from people who are clearly having fun, but are still in assembly so are probably feeling a bit weird at the thought of a shiny new girl band coming in to wiggle at them.

Did they hit up your school?

Do you wish they had?

Thoughts please!

What do you think?