Ohhh the weather outside is frightful, but Harry Styles is still delightful. Since we've no place to go (and are poor) let it snow let it snow let it snow (so we can look at Harry's hats)!

Nice hey?

Harry Styles has taken on our favourite tactic to keep out the winter chill - using novelty hats.


Other techniques we've tried and tested include putting our pants on the radiator in the morning, wrapping our entire face up in a scarf, skipping instead of walking (although that can prove perilous on these icy streets) and staying in and drinking loads of booze hot chocolate.

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As well as rocking the animal-hat look, Harry wears multiple hoods. He's so wise.

What do you think of Harry's winter warming look?

Which member of One Direction do you want to snuggle up to most? We're still waiting for Louis to call...

Tomlinson. Not Walsh.


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