It's raining outside and there's not another holiday due for AGES. Luckily, the awesome new issue of Sugar is here to bring sunshine, happiness and even pixies into your life (okay, we might be lying about that last one).

With Glee back on our screens and one of our fave books ever, I Am Number Four, getting the big screen treatment we stalked our favourite cheerleader-turned-singing-star Dianna Agron until she agreed to sit down and have an exclusive chat with us. We may have a restraining order against us right now, but it was so worth it (joking, obvs).

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So there are a few things you might not know about our latest girl crush. Firstly she's actually really tall. Like, model tall - not your usual so-tiny-we-could-probably-fit-you-in-our-pocket celebrity. Secondly, she's really really nice. The kind of girl you want to stalk a little bit in the hope that some of her awesome aura rubs off on you. Which we did in the name of jounalism, you understand. And finally (and probably most importantly) she's been snogging the face of Alex Pettyfer, our Ladmag cover star and her co star in I Am Number Four. And not just on screen either. In actual, not-filmed-on-camera, real life. And she told us all about it....

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Actually we're not that jealous as it leaves us free to bag a date with One Direction, who's pretty faces you can see on the giant poster which also comes free with your new issue of Ladmag. Nom.

As Valentine's Day approches *gulp* we've got you covered whether you're vom-inducingly loved up or single and sadfaced. The V-Day survival plan for boyfriend-free ladies in on p25 and there are enough hot Valentines' outfits to make Charyl Cole's wardrobe look empty on p.84.

To add to your glam-over you can get a gorgeous Barry M six piece make-up set for eyes, cheeks and lips absolutely FREE with the new issue.

The new issue is on sale Wednesday 19th January. Seriously, you need it in your life!

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