Nicole Scherzinger's new video has landed!

Why do videos 'land'? Sometimes they 'drop' too, which makes us imagine a huge cloud of videos way up in the sky amongst the seagulls, that decides to release some new ones every now and again. When they do, they carefully take aim at our offices, and then we're all shocked when they've dropped or landed on our desks.

Glad we cleared that one up.

Anyway, Nicole's new video is very different to what we've seen of her in her Poison video.

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Look! It's like something out of a fabric softener advert. All warm and fuzzy and under a secret fort that she may have made in her bedroom. No boys allowed. Maybe.

There's a cool bit where she gets a bit angry at herself in the mirror, and then decides to vent it all by stropping around in a big old house generally having a bit of a sexy tantrum.

There's still a bit of sauce, but it's certainly not as sassy and fierce and foxy (and all those other words Tyra Banks says) as the Poison video.

For example, here she is flashing her knickers in the back of a car, so it's not completely toned down.

Check it out and tell us what you reckon...

It kind of reminds us of Cheryl Cole's video for The Flood - all a bit dark and weepy - but we like it.

What do you guys think?

Do you like the song?

What do you think?