A film starring Russell Brand playing an immature, spoilt and wealthy heir called Arthur who decides to go it on his own.. didn’t call to us. It sounded pretty similar to his character Aldous Snow, from him previous films Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him To The Greek, only even more idiotic.

However, we’ve just seen the trailer and have to admit we’re excited.

Arthur has been taken care of his whole life but when he refuses to marry his appointed (slightly terrifying) wife, played by Jennifer Garner, he gets cut off.

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Helen Mirren is his stern nanny who continues to help him as he tries to fit into the world of normal people. The comedy chemistry going on between a stern Mirren and a ridiculous Brand is Oh So Hilarious.

Any film where Darth Vader says, “Wash your winkie” can’t be bad. Confused? Watch the trailer and you’ll see what we mean…

It’s out April 8, are you going to see it? Think Brand looks funny or is his character just too harebrained? If you could make Darth Vader say anything what would it be? We’re thinking:

“I’m not actually your father. Ha.”
“Is that a light sabre or are you just pleased to see me?”
“Lady Gaga is my idol”

Comments below please!

What do you think?