Justin Bieber took Selena Gomez to an Italian restaurant in California to celebrate his birthday, but unfortunately for them they were rudely interrupted by droves of paparazzi, and didn't seem to be best pleased about it. Selena in particular, bless her.

Fortunately for us (and YOU), we've got all the pics! So let's get to looking, analysing, de-coding and breaking down, and then feel ashamed afterwards.

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Here's the Biebs arriving for the meal, swag on, bling on, game face on. He's READY.

Here's the lovely Selena, looking a bit stressed about all the pap attention. Poor love.

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Nice legs, Selena!





Concentration face...





Confused face...










Hmm, seems these pesky paps are getting a bit frustrating...


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Here's where they went; Maggiano's restaurant. Looks pretty nice hey?


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Uh-oh..time to leave...





After what we imagine was a nice, quiet, private meal with no photographers allowed in the restaurant, the couple brace themselves for another paparazzi onslaught on their way out...





Justin still looks a little worried, despite that tough-looking bloke in front of him...





They make it out!

The next challenge is getting to the car and driving away...*deep breath*





Justin manages to get inside the car, and braces himself...


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He opens the door for his ladyship...


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..and they try to drive away. Selena looks a bit traumatized...oh dear.





Bless her. She must just be a bit freaked out? Must not be too nice having loads of photographers flashing (their cameras) in your face.





Because she surely can't be trying to hide us from her face...she must be trying to hide from all the craziness.





Hmm...Justin looks a bit ticked off, too.

Nice Yankee Candle air freshener!


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Oh dear, she really does look upset...





Poor Selena. She's not having a good time.





All looking a bit worrysome and concerned here.

It can't be nice to have all that unwanted attention...but on the other hand when you're a global superstar that's what you've got to expect.

What do you guys think?

Hopefully they managed to make it out fairly quickly.

You can see why paparazzos are always getting run over can't ya! Jeez Louise.

Quite a difference from the relaxed, happy poses they were striking on the red carpet at the Oscars.

What do you reckon?

Do you feel sorry for them?

It's a bit hard not to feel sorry for poor Selena, she looks pretty genuinely upset.

Oh we want pizza and pasta now. Damn you hunger!


What do you think?