One Direction are very generous when it comes to their fans.

A lucky bunch outside their hotel in Greenwich managed to get RIGHT IN THERE with Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, much to our pangs of jealousy.

Also, Liam Payne wears a cardigan on his head, and Louis seemed to have magical shoes. He wore not one, but two pairs of actual nice shoes in one evening. You know we've not been fans of his footwear in the past, but he's really stepped it up! (Pun intended) Go on Louis!

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Check back this week for Louis Tomlinson's!

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Hey Liam. Nice cardy.



Right, so note Louis' shoes in this picture...



...and this picture. Nice huh?

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But then, WHAAAAT? New ones! Maybe he got brought them by some fans? Maybe he always carries around a spare pair?

Who the frick knows. This is baffling.

If you have any inside knowledge, please let us know so our brows can be un-furrowed.

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We LOVE this picture.

How amazingly fit does Harry look? Gorgeous.

Liam looks a little miserable in it, but he can definitely work the sexy sulk face we think.

But it's what YOU think that's important, so tell us!

What do you think?