We always knew that Glee's Heather Morris was one hot tamale, but she has upped the heat in this saucefest of a video! Heather bumps and grinds and bends her bendy limbs in a video for Esquire.

Esquire have a list of 50 songs every man should be listening to and pose the question "but can you dance to it?". The clever guys have Heather answer this question with a big fat yes by actually proving that you can indeed dance to them. Or at least look hot gyrating to them. We're on to you guys, you never really cared if the songs were danceable anthems did you, DID YOU?

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Watch Heather shake what her mother gave her.

Wowzers. We can totally dance like that...

How much of an awesome dancer is Heather? Is thay the sexiest you've ever seen her? Are you a fan of her Glee character Brittany?

Comments please!

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Which 'Glee' girl are you?

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