Miley Cyrus is so over bras. Fact. She's never been particularly into them as we've all noticed from nipple pics and side boob shots but now she has declared on Twitter her adversion to the breast supporting construction.

Swing low sweet chariots!

Miley Cyrus tweeted: "I am who I am!

We're guessing that Miley's boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth doesn't mind.

She received a lot of criticism in the past for her decision to more often than not go braless with people claiming it is indecent and revealing. Well, we're inclined to stick up for Miley here. Obviously those people have never experienced that bliss you get from flinging your bra off at the end of the day. The freedom and comfort can not be underestimed.

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Plus we must say Miley has great boobs so she can totally pull it off.

But to be professional about this, lets have a look at the pros and cons of bra wearing:


- Support (especially for the larger breasted ladies among us)

- Really necessary during exercise (they just get in the way/scare gym users)

- Stops men staring quite so much

- Yet... can be seductive

- prevent the inevitable sag


- Comfort

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- Freedom

- No awkward bra straps to hide

- Make a political stand against the oppression of women by men as symbolised by the bra

- Can be seductive

So we conclude: Do whatever you want! Just watch the side poop/nipple peek, okay?

What do you guys think about Miley's bra confession? Reckon she should cover up? Or do what she wants? What do you do? Comments below please!

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What do you think?