Earlier we showed you Miley Cyrus covering that which shouldn’t be covered, Smells Like Teen Spirit, and now the teen sensation has had the favour thrown right back at her.

Well kind of, someone much cooler has covered one of her songs, and when we say covered, this person actually wrote it, so uh yah.

Who on God’s earth are we talking about? Well only blinkin’ Jessie J!

Yup Miss J wrote Party in the USA, who would’ve thunk it eh?

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Check out Jessie putting her hands up in the air and playing her song.

Well that was a bit cool, wasn't it?

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After we made you compare Miley with Nirvana earlier, we’ll show you Miss Cyrus’ version of her song.

See what you reckon...

So how did Miley fair this time round? Was Jessie better at her song, or was Mils born to sing it?

We’ve got to say, we prefer Jessie’s, even if it’s just because of the knickers story.

Anyway, tell us what you think here…

What do you think?