There's been a lot of chat about One Direction's Zayn Malik getting engaged to Rebecca Ferguson recently, with Rebecca's mates telling the press that Zayn proposed and Rebecca accepted immediately!

"This is going to come as a shock to their fans, but they're serious and determined to get married," a 'mate' (not after this we imagine...) told The Mirror.

"They’re deeply in love and know it’s for real.

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“They are trying to keep the engagement as quiet as possible so they don’t get in trouble with management.”

Oooh! The couple are also said to be house hunting with supposed plans to move to London next month with Rebecca's children.

Click next to see what Zayn has to say about it all...

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Zayn took to his Twitter account (obvs) to talk about all the engagement hoo-hah.

"Lots of rumours on twitter today...." said ZayMal.

"...I'm not engaged!

"Love you @RebeccaFMusic xx:)"

So there we go. Rebecca's said that she loves Zayn, Zayn's said he loves Rebecca.

Can't get much more confirmation than that if you still had any doubts.

What do you think of it all?

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What do you think?