So we wouldn’t usually write a story about Google Chrome, partly because this isn’t a website for dads and geeky brothers, but mainly because talking about a web browser is dead boring. We actually just yawned typing the words “web browser”.

But oh look we are writing a story about Google Chrome because a certain Lady Gaga is gracing their advert.

In it we see her jogging across the Brooklyn Bridge, which we find quite fascinating in itself – this is the most human we’ve ever seen be, even if she is running in a leather bra and pants.

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She also has a little dance…

…and features tonnes of her fan videos in the advert.

And all this is set to her new track, Edge of Glory, which is the kind of song that makes you want to punch the sky.

Click next to see the advert…






How cool was that? And we weren’t even bored by the fact that essentially we’re writing about a browser.

Love this ad? Reckon that Gaga is the perfect woman to front it seeing as she’s helped make herself so huge by keeping in touch with her fans on the web?

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