We would quite like Siva Kaneswaran from The Wanted to be our mister lover man and by that we mean boyfriend which is why we get some twinges of jealousy when him and his girlfriend start gushing about each other over Twitter. It was pretty cute but still... rubbing it in our faces MUCH?

Oh and there you go again being all cute and couply...

Siva has always seemed very happy with long term girlfriend, the gorgeous Nareesha Mccaffery. Last night they had the most couply tweet interchange of ALL TIME. Siva initially tweeted:

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"Spendin some much needed time with my misses .love ya baby"

Nareesha quickly spotted the tweet and replied back, " basically your adorable! Love u too baba x"

Erm... we're not too sure about those pet names guys, Baby and Baba? You're one step away from Sivadoodle and Nareeshabear.

Considering they've been together for so long it's pretty sweet that they're still this in love! Despite the jealousy twinges we do have to emit a little awwww.

What do you think about Siva's twitter PDA? Really cute? Or filling you with embittered couple rage? Comments below please!

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