McFly must be having a HOOT at the moment; they're fresh from a tour around the UK and playing Chester Rocks, have had their TV show McFly On The Wall, have won an award for their website Supercity, and Tom Fletcher's planning his wedding! Phewf.

Adding to the excitement is the news that their album is definitely on the way and they want their fans to get involved! This is it, this is the Tom/Sugarscape duet we've been waiting for. This is us doing that thing with Dougie's bass that Sam and Quinn did in Glee. This is IT.

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"We’ve just started showing each other our new songs and what we’ve each come up with," Tom told Heat.

"The last album was more of a collaboration of sounds as we were working with people like Taio [Cruz] and Dallas [Austin] – but this time it’s going to be different. We’ll know what the stand out sound will be by the end of the year."

“It’s going to be more polished stuff,” said Dougie.

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“This time, we’re going to live with the songs for a while and get them sounding better and better. At the moment it’s sounding like quite chilled, acoustic stuff but we’ll see how each song develops.

“I like the idea of fans getting involved with the band decisions too. By the time we release this next album – probably next year – there’ll be loads of ways to get them involved online.”

Hmm, maybe not quite us and Tom singing Islands In The Stream, but we'll get there one day. Maybe they'll get fans to decide which songs should be on the album or the running order or invite them all round for a cuppa tea and a Kit Kat?

Any thoughts?

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What do you think?