The Wanted: 'We don't have time for beef with One Direction'

Ugh. People are always tryng to put The Wanted and One Direction against each other in the boyband pop musical world of aggression, and The Wanted are clearing things up once and for all with a giant NUH-UH to all the rumour mill workers, in the form of some beautifully crafted words from Siva Kaneswaran.

We Love Pop magazine asked The Wanted if they'd ever consider supporting One Direction on tour. If there was any of this 'beef', we imagine The Wanted would stand up, rip their clothes off in rage (hmm, maybe we should stir something up?) and break a table at the mere suggestion of such a thing.

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"In a few years time, who knows what's going to happen," said Siva.

There go the shirt-ripping plans then.

"In this industry you can't pick and choose what you do.

"Everyone thinks there's this beef between us but we don't really have time for that."

AMEN. Who has time for even a wafer-thin slice of ham with One Direction? Let alone a slab of beef. Pffft.

So that should silence all those rumour spreaders.

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