There's so much in this story we don't know where to start. We went for a chat with musical genius Talay Riley, who's basically written songs for anyone you've ever listened to including Jessie J, Chipmunk, Cher Lloyd, The Wanted, JLS and now One Direction.

Talay was telling us about what he's working on now, and mentioned that he's sent some stuff over to One Direction HQ, as he knows what kind of music they're working on for the album. See! We know people on the inside.

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"It's the same songs that I was sending to the Wanted," he told us. "Because they're pretty much doing the same thing."

"I was BBMing Tom about them earlier today. The Wanted seem keener. It's kind of... acousticy pop stuff, but up-tempo stuff too."

But how do you know they might like this hey Talay? WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO GO ON? Oh, right, you know pretty much everyone who exists in the music industry and know exactly what kind of tunes One Direction have been putting together.

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What do they sound like then?

"Imagine a teenage Take That," Talay told us.

"Kind of like that stuff."

Hmmm... intriguing. We assume you were listening along to Scott Mills when he played the first three seconds of their single last week? We reckoned that sounded a bit like Summer Loving from Grease, and perhaps had the potential to go on into a McFly-from-the-early-days-choon?

What are you thinking?

Talay Riley is HOT. Check out his gallery here.

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What do you think?