As Rebecca Black's follow up single to Friday will tell you, this is her moment. Only her moment has its ups and down. The up being that she's now famous and rich, the down being that she's been so badly bullied since Friday she's had to leave school and get home-schooled by her mum.

In a new video interview with ABC Rebecca has opened up about the months since Friday became a global hit. She admitted that at school, "When I walk by they'll start singing Friday in a really nasally voice or they'll be like, 'Hey Rebecca, guess what day it is?'"

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We condemn any kind of bullying so this is way out of line, don't you think?

However, Rebecca seems to have a pretty tough shell. She's focusing on the good stuff - like singing with Katy Perry and winning a Teen Choice award - and not the bad stuff!

She said, "I've had a lot of experience with not being liked, if I hadn't had to deal with that in the past then I would have handled this differently and would have gone down in burning flames."

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Feel bad Rebecca Black has been bullied at school? Or do you think, sadly, it's inevitable with her fame? Comments below please!

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