Ke$ha and Alice Cooper are a bit like eggs and marmite; when you first hear of someone putting them together you FREAK OUT. Why? Why would this happen? Who's dumb idea was this? It's going to be a TRAGEDY. But then when it actually happens, the end result is a lot tastier than you thought it would turn out to be and you might even give it a second go.

Ke$ha features on Alice Cooper's track What Baby Wants, which will be part of his album Welcome 2 My Nightmare - the sequel to Welcome To My Nightmare, released in 1975.

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Check out the a snippet of the song below...

What did you think?

Ke$ha joined Alice Cooper on stage in Norway earlier this year to sing School's Out , and it looks like one thing led to another, and before we knew it they were COLLABORATING.

Odd. But we like it.

Ke$ha's auto-tune parody is WELL funny. Listen here

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What do you think?