Yesterday we provided you guys with irrefutable evidence that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were a loved up couple at the MTV Video Music Award despite the rumours they are 'on the rocks'. See our evidence: HERE.

Well now we have more in the form of another kissy wissy between the couple just after Justin Bieber won the award for Best Male Video.

As Justin's name was called out Selena Gomez jumped up too and they kissed quickly before a longer hug. It wasn't exactly passionate but then they were being watched by millions which would make anyone kiss kind of awkwardly.

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Justin then gave a speech about how thankful he was to Jesus and how much he likes all the other nominations.

But we know you guys just want to see that kiss, click NEXT for the video...


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Not quite the full on kiss that Justin Bieber gave Selena Gomez earlier, but hey, at least this time he had her consent.

Click NEXT for all the pics of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez together at the VMAs... 



Do you think Justin and Selena's mini kiss before his award was sweet? Or too awkward? How would you have done it then?! Comments below please!

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What do you think?