In what could possibly be the best musical news we've heard since we found out Wagner was performing Love Shack on the X Factor last year, Rihanna has confirmed she'll be releasing album number six before the year is out - this autumn, to be more precise.

After tweeting "Yaaayy I can't wait to start filling u guys in on some details!! *Zips lips*," Rihanna promptly went on to confirm that her 6th album will be out "THIS FALL!!!!!!" - and with so many exlcamation marks she's giving Olly Murs a run for his money, you know it's gonna be huge.

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While we're obviously amazed and excited by this news, we're also still in a state of shock. We weren't ready for this - there was no warning, and BOOM. Album news. That's Rihanna for ya.

She also gace a hint that the new record might be a bit dubsteppy; when a fan asked if there would be any on the album, she cryptically replied "you KNOW how I been lovin Dubstep since Rated R."

So... yes then?


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Between this and Una Healy's news, Friday is turning out to be a big news day. We need to look through some more pictures of RiRi to calm ourselves down. Click next to join us.


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