We're proper excited to see New Years Eve but this trailer has made us feel sad. Not sad in a bad way but sad in the way that those uplifiting films always make you fee because we're not going to get stuck in a lift with someone who looks like Ashton Kutcher only for them to fall for our brilliant wit and girl next door charm.

Plus we're now a bit annoyed that we're not going to be in New York partying for New Years Eve, that would make the night a million times better. New Years Eve generally just depresses us. If this trailer has taught us anything though it's that this year we're definitely going to play Ne-Yo's Tonight on repeat. Nothing can be bad with that song on. Nothing.

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Amongst he cast of famous film folk as long as our arm though, their are some well fit men. Josh Duhamel looks bangin'.

As does Ashton Kutcher with his stubbly sexiness.

Zac Efron is looking good too with his boyish charm.

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Alright rub it in why don't you Robert.

What do you think of the trailer? Are you excited to see New Years Eve? Are you a fan of New Years Eve?

Comments please!

Josh Duhamel looks dapper on the set of New Years Eve!

Zac Efron and Lea Michele in the trailer for New Years Eve!

What do you think?