Remember that sexy make-up ad that Beyonce made for L'Oreal's Perfect Match foundation? Where the foundation was pretty much her lover? Well we've found this little behind the scenes vid from the advert.

We were expecting a lot of rolling around on a shagpile carpet and applying foundation with feathers going on out of shot, but it was actually a lot more normal than the ad itself. Probably because Beyonce wasn't saying that the foundation knew how to touch her in all the right places.

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Some lucky woman did get a sneaky glimpse of a Beyonce boob though.


Beyonce said it would have felt a whole lot more normal if she'd been acting all sensual and intimate at home, without all of the crew, in front of her own camera. What have you been getting up to at home eh B-dog?

We felt her pain when she showed us the table of temptation laden with the three magic c's. Chocolates, cakes and cheese. We have this dilemma everytime we're sent some sweet treats to the office. Unfortunately we don't have any celery sticks knocking around as an alternative so we have to eat the cookies. It's just so unfair...

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Here's the actual ad

What did you think of the ad? A little too saucy for a foundation ad? Do you use L'Oreal True Match?

Comments please!

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