One Direction's LONG awaited debut album Up All Night will arrive in our earholes on November 21st, and they've released the artwork and the tracklisting to keep us excited while we wait.

As if we were gonna get bored and go off them. Pffft.

The tracklisting is *drum roll*;

01. What Makes You Beautiful
02. Gotta Be You
03. One Thing
04. More Than This
05. Up All Night
06. I Wish
07. Tell Me a Lie
08. Taken
09. I Want
10. Everything About You
11. Same Mistakes
12. Save You Tonight
13. Stole My Heart

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Thirteen? Risky.

What we're most excited about though (seeing as we can't hear any more of the songs yet), is this little gem from the cover; Liam gently cupping Louis in a spoony fashion.


In the meantime we have Gotta Be You to look forward to on November 13th.

Hurry the frick up already!

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