We'll still overcoming the fact that our two favourite ginger men (sorry Prince Harry) Ed Sheeran and Harry Potter's Rupert Grint are in the SAME music video at the SAME time. Ed Sheeran managed to get Rupert on board for the video for his new song Lego House.

The video begins with Rupert Grint taking up Ed Sheeran's role and singing the song...

Doesn't he look cute?

However, things then take a bit of a dark twist... but we don't want to give anything away...

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This video is actually kind of brilliant. Click NEXT to see it...




Weird but amazing, dontcha think?

We love the final shot... you know where he's all snuggled with his Ed Sheeran life-sized doll.

We do that One Direction. It's normal right?

What do you make of the new Ed Sheeran video? Loving Rupert Grint in it? Think the plot is cool? Comments below please!



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