It sounds like we're in for something rather special when we finally see the wedding of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen the way that the cast keep banging on about it!

The latest Twilight star to be rendered speechless at the sheer beauty of Kristen Stewart sashaying down the aisle in her wedding dress as Bella is Jackson Rathbone. He said that the scene was "blisteringly real".

He told “Whenever Kristen walked down as Bella in the wedding dress, we … couldn’t breathe. It was just one of those amazing moments, where as an actor, you just don’t have to do anything but just be there.”

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Must have been an easy day on the job.

Then he gets to the good stuff, he honeymoon. Jackson said we'll get to see some good old-fashioned "boot- knockin" which we're assuming is Southern American speak for getting jiggy.

You can knock our boots any time you like Jackson.

Are you excited for Breaking Dawn? Think Kristen is going to look stunning? What are you most excited for the wedding or the "boot-knockin"?!

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