We've just thrown up on our keyboard we're so excited. Typing is difficult but we'll struggle on for you guys because a sampler of One Direction's Up All Night has been revealed. AGH.

Some of the songs are pop-rockish, a bit like McFly or (sob) Busted, and others have gone down the dance-pop route that JLS and The Wanted have had a little scamper down.

When we caught up with musical genius and general gorgeous man Talay Riley earlier in the year he told us that he had written a song that had been given to One Direction as a suggestion for Up All Night, but that The Wanted had been offered it too.

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"They're pretty much doing the same thing," he told us.

"I was BBMing Tom about them. The Wanted seem keener. It's kind of... acousticy pop stuff, but up-tempo stuff too."

What do you think of the samples you've heard so far?

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What do you think?