You know those scenes you see after a hurricane has devastated an area? That's sort of how our office looked after Jedward came in. Seriously, these two make the Tasmanian devil seem like a chilled out dude... on sleeping pills. Once they left we felt exhausted and also a little bit empty...

Is life without Jedward really living?

Anyway we got talking to John and Edward about their new single Wow Oh Wow (OUT NOW) and how wow their life is right now. They provided us with loads of amazing chat about One Direction, X Factor, dating Little Mix, Tulisa, Frankie Cocozza, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and about a bajillion other celebrities who they are BEST friends with.

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We asked Jedward about Louis Walsh's comment that they should go on a date with Little Mix.

Edward joked, "Go on a date - already have!"

While John quipped, "I think Tulisa has a thing for me as well, k, she's only 23."

They also claimed that all the celebs are stealing their hair including One Direction's Zayn Malik (whose hair height we have been questioning as of late).

John insisted, "Zayn has our hair already... and Justin Bieber has his hair like ours now!"

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Right have a watch... (WARNING the beginning of this vid is very loud)

If you're wondering where some of those scenes from the beginning montage are... JEDWARD VIDEO NUMBER TWO IS COMING TOMORROW. In it we play JEDprov, which lengthens to the official title of 'improvisation Jedward'. Basically we make them act out a load of scenes, like Twilight. This happened.

We'll be putting it up tomorrow so watch this space.

Oh and if you haven't seen the Wow Oh Wow video yet check it out HERE.

Jedward's insane Sugarscape interview

Jedward have a licking race, why not?

What do you think?