Oh there is nothing we love more than a good old soppy romance to warm the heart, and when you throw Zac Efron into the mix you know you're on to a winner. How could you not long to be the girl in the film when such a fittie is playing the leading man?

Zac plays a Marine called Logan who thinks it's fate when he finds a photograph of a beautiful woman (that saves him being blown up when he moves to pick it up) in the middle of battlefield.

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We might just start throwing our photograph around the streets of London. Fingers crossed a member of One Direction bends down to pick it up and narrowly avoids getting pooed on by a pigeon. Destiny.

Anyway, Zac goes searching for the troubled woman and alongside being her hero he kisses her underneath a shower of water. Hello sopping wet Zac Efron!

He also gets his fine form out for us.

Absolutely lovely.

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The film is written by the same person who wrote The Notebook so you know it's going to be good. Of course when we make this claim we're choosing to forget about the existence of Dear John...

What do you think of this film? Reckon it'll be as good as The Notebook? Want to see it?

Comments please!

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