Harry Styles has given the biggest spoiler of all about One Direction's next video for their single One Thing. Honestly. Who saw that coming?

With the pictures of Harry riding down a hill on a mini car being chased by Liam, Louis and some space hoppers, we were totally expecting a meaningful love story to unfold before us.

Well actually, there's always Larry Stylinson.

"It was amazing," Harry told Capital FM about the shoot.

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"It was literally us being idiots around London for a day and we filmed it."

"It was good," added Liam. "We got to run round London."

For future reference guys, we are excellent at being idiots. In fact, we've been told by many teachers, bosses, boyfriends and boybands that we're pretty good at it, so if you're looking for some for the next video, you know where to hit us up.

We still don't know when the One Thing video will be released, but we're biding our time watching the countless One Direction videos we've got on the site, and drooling at the acoustic version they put online earlier this week.

Shall we just start placing bets on the release date? Winner gets... *scans office for goodies*... er, pride and glory?

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