One Direction's Liam Payne - who we like to think of as the voice of all sense and reason that sounds a bit like Gazza Bazza - has revealed that the boys are keen to get Dappy on their second album.

We assumed he meant as a novelty, but turns out he actually wants The Dapster to sing and stuff.

"We'd love to work with Dappy on our next album," Liam told the Daily Star. (See? Told you.)

"As soon as we heard his single No Regrets we all fell in love with it.

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"It took over the number one position from us, but we were glad."

Oh Liam, as much as we love you and can't ever imagine what our lives would be like without you in them, we wish you'd say something a bit controversial every now and again. You don't have to be glad people take over your single, you don't have to love everyone. It's lovely that you do but once, just once, we'd love to hear you get really annoyed and have a good old rant.

Or even just say the word 'tits', that would do.

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Niall's had a chat about working with Dappy too, see what he had to say here

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