You'd think that the One Direction boys wouldn't have a care in the world, but it turns out that Niall Horan, bless his little polo necks, is a bit scared about selling records in the future.

One Direction playing twister

"There are a lot of expectations for us to do well," he told We Love Pop magazine.

"The music industry moves so fast you have to be on your toes.

"Lady Gaga is at the peak of her career, but it could all go from under her. She’s stopping that by bringing out song after song and keeping people interested.

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"We’re lucky because we’ve got a good fan base, but if they don’t like our music, how long is that going to last?”

Oh Niall, don't spout that depressing babble. You'd have to do something pretty dramatic, like become a kitten murderer, for your fans to bugger off anytime soon.

One Direction pile on for we love pop magazine

So who do the boys think has got it made then? Who would they be if they could swap places?

“Russell Brand," said Louis.

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"I’d love to just do whatever I want and still be loved - and getting with Katy Perry would be a big plus.”

“Simon Cowell," reckons Zayn.

"He’s a very powerful man, and women seem to find him attractive too. He looks good for his age, man.

"I hope I look like him when I’m that old. He might have had a little bit of ‘work’ done, but why not? If you’ve got the money…”

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