The build up to One Direction's One Thing video (released tomorrow) is all getting a bit much for us. Are these heart palpatations normal?

We're also a bit peeved that we have to keep abandoning our snacks and wailing "It's heeeeeeeeere!" to rush to upload them. We're currently typing this with melted-chocolate-covered-fingers. Our keyboard looks like a hamster's had the runs all over it.

Harry Styles

ANYWAY. Here's Harry Styles and another nano-second of the One Thing video to get you excited about tomorrow.

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What do you reckon?

It's Zayn Malik's One Thing teaser!

Louis Tomlinson's One Thing teaser

Liam Payne's One Thing teaser

Niall Horan's One Thing teaser

First look at One Direction's One Thing video

Behind the scenes of the One Thing video

One Direction filming the One Thing video in London

What do you think?