We were a bit dubious before we listened to Adam Lambert's upcoming album, Trespassing.

His last album was good, but we didn't think it was great. His single, Better Than I Know Myself (below) is a very good pop song, but we'd heard all sorts of hype and hoo-hah about the few tracks from Trespassing Adam's publicist is showcasing, and were prepared to be a bit let down.

WELL WE WERE BIG FAT WRONG. Unless the tracks we haven't heard yet all turn out to be cack, this album is set to be an absolute pop corker.

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Most of the songs are co-written (in this case meaning actually co-written, not just a couple of oohs and aahs stuck on at the last minute) by Adam, who was the executive producer of the whole thing, so it's a slogged out body of work which 'shows his light and dark sides'.

The 'light' songs, Cuckoo, Trespassing and Shady, are all instantly catchy, camp as hell, pure pop joy. The title track is a collaboration with Pharrell Williams, full of foot stomps, hand claps and - to be cheesy - FUNK.

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Outlaws Of Love, we're told, is the most personal song Adam's ever written. Fans who worry that Adam's voice might not be showcased enough on the album can sleep easy as this song is all raw, tumbling emotion poured out in breathy, lingering vocals.

Adam Lambert

Adam angrily belts out his frustrations in Broken English, a track very much on the 'dark' side of the album but a bit more upbeat, with a bit of a dubby breakdown in the middle slathered with a haunting wail-type-noise.

As the professionals say.

It's unashamedly full on POP music, and we can't wait to hear the rest of the record.

What do you think?