So McFly were on their Twitter pages recently talking about a ‘trip’ they were going on, and Danny Jones even tweeted a photo of his studio equipment all packed up, which lead us to think only one thing.

It was obvious that they were recording some new McFly tunes (which was all later confirmed via twitter of course) but the question on every fan’s lips was, where were they recording?

McFly recoring new album on Welsh Island

Well, the King of the Jungle himself Dougie Poynter revealed to the Daily Mirror that they are recording the new McFly material on a tiny Welsh Island!

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Dougie said: “It’s great. There’s no way out when the tide’s in. We don’t get distracted. Then as soon as the tide does out we can go to the shops.”

McFly recording new album on a Welsh Island

We’re very impatient and want new McFly songs as soon as possible and it would seem that if there is no distractions on this island, then it’s the best place for them to be. As long as those beautiful boys are safe then it’s fine by us.

Dougie Poynter and Frankie Sandford spend the afternoon together!

Dougie Poynter, Tony Discipline and more hot lads at the NTAs!

PICS! Dougie Poynter's girlfriend Lara Carew-Jones is pretty bangin'!

Dougie Poynter might pic man off the street to be his best man!

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