Lana Del Rey sat down to chat to MTV US and obviously we can’t see the video in the UK because it’s blocked, but we caught the gist of the interview.

Lana was trying to convince the people at MTV that she really was normal: “People would be surprised to know that I live a really quiet life – a really normal life,” and we’re pretty sure the interviewer was skeptical.

Lana Del Rey still babysits!

But then Lana came out with: “I still have my same babysitting job.”

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And then our jaws hit the floor. Can you imagine Lana Del Ray babysitting? Neither can we. She probably would be pretty cool though, but still.

She explained: “I babysit twice a week. When I’m here it’s what I do. It’s just because it’s something I’ve been doing for a while. But I have been travelling a lot.”

Lana Del Rey still Babysits

She revealed that she babysits for one 10-year-old boy and he knows she’s ‘Lana Del Rey.’ Bless!

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Do you think Lana Del Rey is actually a babysitter or just claimed she was so people would think she was an average Joe? We find it hard to believe, but if that’s what she does, who are we to judge.

Lana's new album 'Born To Die' is being released on Monday, will you be getting yourself a copy? We reckon she probably won't need to keep babysitting if it sells well. She'll be minted.

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