It's hard to give someone a virtual birthday celebration - especially when it's someone you hold with such high regard, like Harry Styles (Lindsay Lohan can have a virtual high five and be done with it).

So we thought it'd be better to give us a celebration too - seeing as he'll no doubt be busy partying away in America - by drooling over some pictures of him! What else is there to life any more? We've genuinely forgotten what we did before One Direction, so any answers would be much appreciated.

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harry styles

We ttried to give him 18 pics for his 18th birthday, but there were too many good ones to choose from; pant grabbing, bum pinching and falling over on stage.

harry styles falling over on stage at GAY

So there are more. You'll just have to deal with it.

Tough life hey?

Click next to start the pervy fun.

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harry styles
harry styles in a suit for gq
harry styles from one direction
harry styles as drawn by zayn malik from one direction

How could we leave this one out? Carefully crafted by Zayn Malik, a loving original portrait of Harry Styles.

one direction's harry styles on the alan carr show
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harry styles
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harry styles on the phone
harry styles on the cover of fabulous magazine
harry styles at nokia carphone warehouse
harry styles cover of one direction up all night album
harry styles and niall horan at signing in carphone warehouse


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harry styles in a bow tie
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harry styles on stage
harry styles
harry styles dancing with louis tomlinson. larry stylinson
louis tomlinson looking at harry styles bum

Louis making sure Harry's all ok at the rear. Good job.

harry styles in blue blazer
harry styles hit in the crotch
harry styles holding a pair of pants
harry styles smiling

One of our favourite pictures of Harry to finish off. Lovely.

Who made it to the end? Tell us!

Images: Wenn / PA / Channel 4 / Nokia

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